Upgrades To Speed Up Your MacBook

Upgrade Old MacBook

Upgrades To Speed Up Your MacBook

Are you worried that you have an older version of the MacBook? Don’t worry if it still works. We have many ways to upgrade your older MacBook. At DoctorITFixing you can Upgrade Old MacBook and bring a new life to it. Bring your MacBook to us and we will help you upgrade your Mac from the older version. Sometimes you just have to upgrade a smaller part to make it work like new again. Contact us to know more about upgrading your MacBooks and laptops to improve its performance.

Ways To Upgrade MacBook’s Performance

Replace Harddrive With Flash Storage:

The solid-state drive or flash storage is the new storage type on new MacBooks these days. When compared with traditional hard drives, flash storage is more faster and durable. Performance wise you will get a speed up to 16x faster than a hard drive (HDD). If you are planning to Upgrade Old MacBook hard drive with flash storage contact DoctorITFixing, the Best MacBook Repair in Dubai.

Add RAM For Multitasking Functions:

For the computer to perform well RAM (Random Access Memory) is very important. All the information when you work is stored readily and temporarily on the RAM. So, that you will get quick access to all the information, whenever you need. The minimum required amount of RAM these days is about 4GB for most users. You will get it through basic computing tasks. It is recommended that you have at least 8GB of RAM in order to experience a relatively smoother experience. To get better performance and to do multi-tasking add more RAM to your MacBook. This is an option to Upgrade Old MacBook. When you are upgrading make sure the RAM is not embedded in the logic board. It is possible that your Mac will not be able to add more RAM capacity if that is the case. To check this bring your laptop to DoctorITFixing, Computer Repair Shop Dubai.

By Replacing Battery

A battery replacement could be beneficial for the lifespan of the Mac. It doesn’t affect the performance of the battery. Laptop batteries can be charged without losing its capacity. But there is still a consumable part. The batteries of the laptop will start to fail after 400 charging cycles. It will start to lose the charge or carry no charge at all. In some cases, lithium-ion batteries will leak and have the chance of catching fire.  

Checking your Mac’s battery regularly is very important. So, you will know the time to replace it.  You can know all the information through system information. There you will get the charging cycle count and when to service the battery or replace it. Anyway getting a battery replaced will increase the lifespan of your MacBook. Always approach an authorized center like DoctorITFixing to Upgrade Old MacBook. 

Get Professional Help

If you are having an old MacBook and are confused about the way to upgrade it. Don’t worry, DoctorITFixing is here to help you. We can provide you with services according to your needs. Ours is a trusted and the Best MacBook Repair in Dubai with friendly and professional technicians who are always there to help you.

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