i-Mac Repair

We at DoctorITFixing offer a range of Apple iMac Repair in UAE. We can help you get your iMac back up and running in no time, for a reasonable price. All we ask is that you bring your device to us, so we can diagnose the problem. If we find anything wrong with the device, we’ll do whatever it takes to get it fixed and if not, we’ll make sure that you’re fully satisfied with our work. We’ve been in this business for years now and have a great reputation for quality service. So if you need some help with your Apple iMac Repair in UAE or any other Apple product, give us a call.
We have solutions for your iMac devices that are past the warranty period. Even if it is a vintage model or the latest model we have the perfect solution to fix them. The services we offer include replacing LCD screens, fixing OS-related problems, and repairing logic boards at the chip level. Compared to authorized Apple service centers, our service charges are quite competitive since we only use genuine and original parts. It is our client’s decision to choose between a free checkup or a quick service.

Having problems with i-Mac logic board ?

Our expert team is specialized in chip-level repairs and can resolve this problem at a much more competitive price.

i-Mac Repair
Broken Screen

Never worry about the broken display on your device. Our Experienced Mac Repair in Dubai allows you to get your iMac back up and running quickly and with minimal fuss. We’ll replace any broken screen, no matter how badly it’s cracked or shattered. Bring any Apple device to us to get it fixed. We have the tools, experience, and expertise to fix your device in no time.

i-Mac Repair
Software upgrade

We at DoctorITFixing have been repairing and upgrading Mac computers for over a decade. We know what it takes to keep your computer running strong, so you can get back to your life without any hiccups. If you are planning to upgrade your i-Mac OS to the latest version, we are here to help you without losing your stored data.

i-Mac Repair
SSD upgrade 

At DoctorITFixing , we specialize in the repair and upgrade of Apple products. Whether you need your iMac fixed or you want to get an SSD upgrade for your new MacBook Pro, we can help. Our team of Apple iMac Repair in UAE is here to get the job done fast, so you can get back to the things that matter most to you. Adding an SSD to your iMac will improve its performance and speed.

Fast Service

We have solutions for most of your i-Mac related problems like :

  • i-Mac powers on , progresses half way to its boot process and shuts down
  • Password not being accepted
  • Bluetooth connection issues with i-Mac
  • Blackspots on the display screen
  • Old i-Mac which doesn’t want to start
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Why Choose Us?

Our passion for technology and delivering value to people is the driving force behind Dr.ITFixing.

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    10+ Years Of Macbook / i-Mac Expertise
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    Free Pickup & Diagnosis
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    Ensure To Use Original Parts For Replacement
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    60 Days Service Warranty*
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    24/7 Customer Support

How we work ?

How we work ?

Book a free pickup and diagnosis via WhatsApp or website

Get a diagnosis report & estimate on same day.

Confirm the estimated cost

Payment via wire transfer/cash

Schedule a free delivery


Frequently Asked Questions about the i-Mac Repair.

How fast can you fix my i-Mac?

Normally it takes about 1-2 days to fix an i-Mac. But we offer flash service aslo where we can get it fixed on the same day.

My i-Mac is very old & super slow, is it advisable to fix it?

We have expertise in fixing vintage model i-Mac to latest ones. Upgrading the HDD to SSD will solve your problem.

Are you Apple authorized service providers ?

No, though we are not apple authorized, our quality of service and expertise is on par with Apple-authorized repair centers. We provide services for out-of-warranty devices.

Is my data safe at Dr.ITFixing?

We would strongly recommend you to backup your data through i-cloud or with Time-machine backup before giving the device to us However if you are having trouble backing it up, we are here to help.

My 24 inch i-Mac randomly turns to blank screen .

This could be due to hard disk failure. We can upgrade your HDD to SSD which will boost the performance.

My MacBook screen is broken.

We can get your Macbook screen replaced with original one within 24 hrs