Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the repair

How long does data recovery take?

The duration of data recovery depends on the type and extent of data loss, the size of the storage device, and the methods used for recovery. It can range from a few hours to several days.

How secure is our data?

The security of your data depends on various factors. Giving strong passwords, enabling encryption, keeping software updated, and using reputable antivirus software can help enhance data security. And no system is entirely foolproof, so it’s essential to stay vigilant.

Which is the main factor that affects the loss of data?

The main factor that affects data loss is human error, including accidental deletion. Other factors such as hardware failure, software corruption, viruses, and physical damage to the storage device can also contribute to data loss.

Can you recover any kind of data?

Data recovery is possible for a wide range of data types. The success of data recovery depends on various factors such as the extent of damage to the storage device, the availability of intact data structures, and the techniques used for recovery. Some data may be unrecoverable if it has been overwritten or damaged beyond repair.

What causes data recovery?

Data recovery is needed when data has been accidentally deleted, lost due to hardware failure, corrupted by software issues, or become inaccessible due to physical damage to the storage device.

How is data retrieved?

Data is retrieved through a process called data recovery. It involves evaluation, device Preparation, analysis, recovery, verification and restoration.

Do you charge If you are not able to fix my laptop ?

No, we provide a free diagnosis. You will not be charged if your laptop cannot be fixed.

Are you Apple authorized service providers ?

No, though we are not apple authorized, our quality of service and expertise is on par with Apple-authorized repair centers. We provide services for out-of-warranty devices.

Do you use parts for replacement? Can we trust you?

We ensure to use only original parts for your devices in order to maintain our quality with other apple authorized repair centers.

How to request service?

You can book a request via web service/WhatsApp/call. We shall arrange a free pick-up from your location and diagnose the device in our lab. A quotation will be provided based on the model of the device/type of damage/ spare parts used (if any) and our labor cost. The repair will be done after your approval. No Fix – No cost is our policy.

Is my data safe at Dr.ITFixing?

We would advise, that you backup your data (if it is possible) before giving us your device to fix. However, we will cause no damage to your data and recommend a backup

How do you charge?

Our quotation will be based on the model of the device/type of damage/ spare parts used (if any) and our labor cost. The repair will be done after your approval. No Fix – No cost is our policy.

Do you repair out-of-warranty devices?

Yes, we can repair out-of-warranty devices. We specialize in chip-level repairs and have a good success rate.

Do you provide onsite/home repair service?

Yes, we can offer onsite/home services for basic issues. However, we need the ideal facility and tools to do the advanced repair. We provide a free pickup and delivery service.

How long does the repair usually takes?

Usually, screen/other parts replacements take about only few hours. However, the repair time is subjected to the model of the device/type of damage and the availability of spare parts.

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