Tips For Maintaining Your Laptop

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Tips For Maintaining Your Laptop

Macs are great machines. They were designed with the best components and the latest technology in mind. Even the most difficult aspects of their design make them last so long. It’s been nearly two decades since the first Mac was released in 1984. Sure there have been minor upgrades with changeable colors and ports but it was all based on the same architecture. Mac computers are high quality and can last longer than any other computer out there. But they aren’t immune to dings, scratches, and scrapes. If you want your Mac to last as long as possible, here are some tips on how to take care of it. Having doubts regarding taking care of your old MacBook, no worries DoctorITFixing, Best Laptop care in Dubai has got you covered.

Tips To Take Care Of Your MacBook

  • Turn Off Properly

It is a very common practice that most people just close the laptop’s lid after their use. You always think it is super quick and always ready to use once you open it again. Shutting off the laptop from the system interface is very important than putting it to sleep. When you put your laptop to sleep the RAM stays cached and won’t rest completely until you turn it off. This reduces the memory capacity of the RAM. Turning it off properly will give you a clean state to work. 

  • Backing Up Of Data

We never know what happen to your laptop, therefore it is very important to back up the data in your laptop. Securing your data is the key to preventing losing your important data. Having any type of backup is great to store all your important data. The hard drive of your laptop can fail after 3 to 5 years that doesn’t mean your laptop is dead. It just means, it is the type to replace your hard drive.

  • Get More Accessibility With Keyboard Shortcuts

Try to improve your keyboard accessibility with keyboard shortcuts. It will help you make things easier with just a combination of a few keys. So, that you don’t have to bring the mouse every time to where you need or to go to different windows.

  • Use Laptop On Flat And Solid Surface

Using your laptop in your cozy bed can be more comfortable and can give great pleasure. But there are so much consequences that may need to know relating that. Using laptops on beds and sofas is so dangerous as they can block the vents of the laptop. This will put strain on the cooling system of the laptop. Blocked vent will make it difficult for the hot air to go out of the laptop. Overheating will only increase the risk. 

  • Laptop Interiors Must Be Cleaned

Compressed air is a quick and easy way to clean your laptop. This usually comes with a small nozzle that can reach the small gaps between the components of the laptop. Cleaning your computer is an important computer care habit that you should have. If you can’t do it approach DoctorITFixing, Best Laptopcare in Dubai. If you don’t clean your laptop the accumulated dust will trap the heat and cause a lot of stress on the fans.

  • Startup Apps Should Be Disabled

You will have to diasble some of the apps if you have to boost up your laptop without any intervention. Once you open your laptop these apps will automatically open up. If you laptop has additional things to work on it will slow down the whole process. On Windows laptops, you can disable startup program apps from Task Manager, while on Apple MacBooks, you can disable it from System Preferences. With Task Manager’s Startup tab, you can evaluate the startup impact of each program and disable automatic startup. If you want to know more about the tips regarding taking care of your laptop get in touch with DoctorITFixing

If you need any help in taking care of your laptop don’t go in search of a Computer Repair Shop Dubai, DoctorITFixing, the Best Laptop care in Dubai is here to help you. We have experienced technicians who can help you with all your service needs. From latest MacBooks to old laptops we repair all the issues that your laptop has. We are the Professional Laptop Service in UAE.

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