Choose to Repair or Recycle but not Discard

Choose to Repair or Recycle but not Discard

Over the past two decades, electronic devices have become the major components of most consumer products in our daily lives while the lifespan of these products is becoming shorter and shorter. Consequently, the volume of electronic waste is growing exponentially but the sad truth is that 80% of these wastes are not properly managed and end them in landfills causing a threat to the environment.

A recent study says that the largest amount of e-waste was generated in Asia followed by European countries and America, and bizarrely 70% of the e-wastes are shipped from the EU to African countries, where the low-tech recycling methods are performed at lesser labor cost. Unfortunately, the third-world countries have no fair labor protection laws or practices in place and thus exposing them to hazardous and toxic substances causing impacts on health and the environment. Its now a global priority to understand the value in repairing and reusing our sensitive e-devices otherwise recycling them for a sustainable future.

The Right to Repair and Reuse

The UK’s ‘Right to Repair’ law was introduced in July 2021 and the idea was that manufacturers would be required to make the spare parts available to anyone who needs them and thus encouraging the consumers to repair and re-use their e-devices. Some also countries have introduced bonus schemes to encourage consumers to have their electronics repaired instead of disposing of them.

Recently France passed the Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Act (AGEC) where some businesses have had to display a reparability index.
The reparability index displays a score with different color variations to make it easier for the consumers to purchase wisely.

We stand with a purpose to Repair,Refurbish and Re-use

It’s always great to have a new device but let’s also be responsible to revive and donate or recycle our vintage e-devices to show some kindness towards mother Earth.

DoctorITFixing always believes in contributing to the society and environment positively which would also elate the pride of our partners and customers and make them feel valued. We stand with a purpose to repair, refurbish and re-use laptops otherwise recycle them, which the majority of the households still retain even if they are obsolete.

Many times, the electronic goods we discard could be repaired, and reused and consequently reducing the need to produce more and thus changing the way how we consume, in an eco-friendly manner.

DoctorITFixing has redefined the laptop service industry in the UAE by making it more affordable and less time-consuming for its customers.

By associating with E-Scrappy, a reputed e-waste management company in the UAE, we take the pride to contribute to the world’s transition towards sustainability by collecting, managing, and efficiently processing e-waste while preventing your valuable data from falling into wrong hands.

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